Grandma Badham

Yesterday I told you about my grandpa; today I'd like to tell you about my grandma.

Grandma as a young woman.
  My grandma, Brenda, was born in New York. She lived with her mother, father, and older sister. However, when Grandma was about five years old, her father decided to move the family "out west" to Mesa, Arizona. They didn't have very much money, and when they moved Grandma and her sister were allowed to take one doll with them. Although she didn't have many toys, Grandma enjoyed paper dolls, reading, playing on her mother's old

violin, and picking out songs on the neighbor's piano. 
  After they had lived in Mesa for about 5 years, missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints started showing up at the door. These "Mormon" missionaries wanted to teach my Grandma's family about their faith. At first, Grandma's father turned them away, but when they continued to come, he decided to let them in. They taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ. Grandma's father tested what they said, found it to be true, and was baptized. He then asked his wife and daughters to listen to the missionaries, as he had. They didn't have to join the church if they didn't want to, but he wanted the to at least hear the message.
  They listened. My grandma was baptized and confirmed into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints when she was about 11 years old. To this day she is faithful to the commitments and covenants she made that day and on other occasions since. 
  I'm so grateful for the example for my grandma and the example she has given me to follow. Her story shows me that even when I am young I can follow the plan God has for me. 
Grandma around the time she was baptized.

Share stories of faithfulness you've found in your family with me. Just leave a comment!


  1. My paternal grandmother's mother demonstrated strong faith as she joined the Church she knew was true in the midst of the unrest of the problems in Communist East Germany. She later served a mission and even smuggled tithing money to the Church, knowing she could be arrested if she was caught.

    1. What a neat story, Annalee. I love finding examples of faith from the lives of my ancestors- I'm glad you do too!

  2. Lily, so many great stories of your family. You look a lot like your grandma when she was young!

    1. Really? I always thought I had more Howell/Hinckley. I never would've noticed! :)


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