The Freezing Cold Font--Guest Post

Today's post comes from my cousin, Annalee, who blogs at Prayer, Purity, and Personal Progress. I'm so excited you can hear from her today.

I was so excited! For the first time I was bringing names of my own ancestors to the temple to be baptized for them! It was just my second time going to the temple, and I had absolutely loved going for the first time. I had felt the Spirit so strongly—the feeling on the inside had been as pleasant as it was on the outside when I was in the nice warm font. I was expecting a similar experience this trip. It was not to be. Well, I was still warm on the inside—the Spirit is always easily felt in the temple. Anyway, as I was waiting, I heard someone mention that a pump had broken and the font was cold. I didn't think it would be too bad, just a little chillier than usual. Anyway, I wasn't the first person in the font, but one girl who was there came up out of the water for the first time and sort of gasped. I still didn't think anything of it. Until I entered the font myself. It. Was. Freezing. I think I started shivering. My mind may have halfway blacked out from the temperature by then. Then I went under the water for one of my ancestors. It was a great experience—but I came up and must have gasped audibly because one of the women in the baptistry asked if I was all right. They continued until they had completed about twenty names. I was more than relieved to exit the font and receive a warm towel, but it was a wonderful experience I’ll never forget. I look back and am grateful that the font was so cold—I will always remember the night that I was first baptized and confirmed for my own ancestors.

Annalee is a wonderful young woman who loves to sing, play the piano, read, and spend time with her family, where she is a wonderful older sister. She loves to do family history and temple work. She is also passionate about Personal Progress, and blogs for young women and their parents at Prayer, Purity, and Personal Progress.

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