Three Cool Tools on Family Search

Today I want to share some neat tools from FamilySearch.org that make family history easier and more enjoyable. Some are more recent than others, and depending on how much exposure you have previously had to Family Search, you might already be aware of them, but you may discover some things you didn't already know.

1.)Obituary Finder
    If you are familiar with Family Search, you may be aware of the recent push to index obituaries. Now, Family Search has added a tool so you can easily view the obituaries of your family members and see the information they contain. To view this tool, go here.

2.)Descendancy View.
    Maybe you've heard of Elder Anderson's Temple Challenge for the youth- the one about "finding our cousins." If you think the temple work in your family tree has been completed, think again. With this new tool, you can find the descendants of your ancestors- your distant cousins who may need saving temple ordinances. To view this tool, log on to FamilySearch.org and go to your tree. Find a family member born before 1830. Go to their tree. Up in the left-hand corner you will see a drop-down that probably says something like, "View: Traditional." Click that box, then click "Descendancy View." You will then be able to see which of their children need ordinances, have record issues, or have records waiting for you to attach. 

3.)Possible Duplicates. 
    This one is an important one to know how to use. If you use Family Search frequently, you probably know what this is. When you pull up the page for your ancestor, you will see several options on the right-hand side of the screen, including "Search Records," "Latest Changes," and "Tools." Under "Tools" you will see "Possible Duplicates." When people add their ancestors to Family Search, you can end up with multiple people adding the same person or having conflicting information. Before doing temple work or making major changes to your ancestor or their family, you should look at possible duplicates. If their is a duplicate, you can compare the different information on Family Search and decide to delete the incorrect and save the correct information. If you need help with this, you can always contact the Family Search representatives. They are happy to assist. 

Hopefully some of this has been helpful. Maybe you have found something new today.

Share your favorite resources from Family Search or other genealogy sites with me. Just leave a comment! 

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  1. Hm, I really like the simplicity of the uploads. They have great technology that makes it so easy for people to use!


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