Why I Love My Parents (and what it has to do with family history)

Today I want to write about something we can forget about while learning about our family: learning about the people still living. Many of us still have grandparents living, and with today's technology, it's getting easier and easier to connect with them, no matter where they live. Our parents, too, have stories to tell, if we only have time to listen. Living family members are great resources when learning about our ancestors, because our parents and grandparents have often met the people we wish to learn about. I learn so much from my mom and dad. My mom loves music, and for a while she studied it in college. She had a professor tell her, "Don't do anything that would interfere with your music. Don't get married, and if you do, definitely don't have children!" As you can see, Mom didn't listen to that advice. She did get married, and now has five children. She never expresses regret for becoming a wife and a mother, despite all the work she has to do- day and night. 
My dad is such a wonderful provider for my family. Despite how hard he works all day, he is so willing to come home and play with us, help us (me) with math, and take care of our newest little person. He always has a joke or something funny to lighten the mood, and he's my friend as well as my dad.
I'm so grateful for good parents who raise me and my siblings in the light of Jesus Christ.

What do you love about your parents and grandparents? Write it down!

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