Family History: Connecting to Past and Present

One part of family history that has brought me the most joy in my life has been collecting and sharing family stories. I remember once going through a box of my great-grandma's things with my mom. In it, among other things, we found a yellowed note pad filled with writing. It was the draft of my great-grandma's autobiography. The handwriting was old-fashioned and hard to read. We were able to take it home and read through it the best we could. I never knew much about my Great-Grandma Badham, but I learned a lot about her life. Best of all, it was in her own words. Suddenly, this woman whom I've never met became a real part of my family, someone I loved and wanted to learn more about. I wanted to share her stories.

I was able to type up her history to make it easier to read. That took some time and effort, but it was well worth it. Then came the fun part. I got to make copies and distribute them to my aunts, Grandma Badham's grandchildren. Now they can also be apart of the story. 

Louise Danley Chipman on her wedding day.

I challenge you to find ways to connect to your present family through family history. Feel free to share your experience!


  1. Wow! Could you send me a copy?

  2. Sure! It might take me a while to transfer it from our old, dying computer to our new one, but I'll get on it!


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