Five Ways To Get Started On Family History

Family history can appear overwhelming- and it is. It can be hard to know where to begin. That's why it's good to start small and take it one step at a time. Sometimes I have to stop myself and realize that no matter how hard I work and how much I research, I'll never do it all. So I do what I can, and that's what matters. Today I want to share with you five ways to get started on family history. Remember, it shouldn't be a chore done out of guilt; it can be fun, interesting, and fulfilling. It's just a matter of approach.

Five Ways To Get Started On Family History:

  1. Talk. Start with your oldest family member, and talk to him or her about their memories. It's good to write out your questions before hand, and give a copy to the interviewee so they can be prepared for your questions. Don't be afraid to be personal, but give them room to answer how they want- or not at all. Some things are personal. This can be a great family activity, too. Be sure to record your conversation either by video or voice recording so you can keep it forever.
  2. Write. Journaling, video recording, blogging, and drawing are some of the few ways to keep your record. In addition, you can now easily type and make copies of the histories of your family members, including copies of your interviews.
  3. Preserve. Whether talking with your family or keeping a journal, it is important to preserve the photos, documents, and journals you come across. Whether it's digitizing and uploading them to FamilySearch.org or preserving the originals, this is an important step made easy by modern technology. For more information on preservation, click here.  
  4. Share. Whether you are uploading photos, stories, or voice recordings to Family Search or sharing your findings through social media or teaching other friends and family members how to do family history, you can learn more by teaching. Your love for family history will grow as you foster it in others. Don't be afraid to share- have fun! Set goals with your families and youth groups. See what this group did.
  5. Go to the temple. The number one best thing about family history is connecting someone to you forever in the temple. Truly, we need them as much as they need us.

I hope you will take the opportunity to find your ancestors. We don't have to go to the family history center in Salt Lake or find a microfilm reader in order to find our family. We just need open hearts and willing hands.

Great resources for family history: Youth & Family History, FamilySearch, Temple Challenge


  1. Number five is my number one favorite!!!!!!!! The best, for sure!!!!!!


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