Indexing Challenge

Today I am excited to share a special indexing/arbitrating challenge. Recently, Family Search announced that the up coming Worldwide Arbitration Event will be held from May 1 to May 8 all over the world! (For more information, go here.) The goal for this event is for volunteers to arbitrate 2,000,000 images. They need all the extra help possible, so please join in if you can.

Now, I am not an arbitrator, but I can do basic indexing, so I wanted to get the indexers out there involved. The goal is simple: index at least one batch of records from May 1-8. Simple enough. If you would like, you could teach a friend or family member how to index or share your experience in the comments. 

See one young woman's experience with indexing here.


  1. I'm so excited!!!! A few weeks ago on the Family Search Blog, there was a story about a girl who found one of her ancestors while indexing--really neat!

    1. That's so cool! Sometimes I enjoy looking up the people I'm indexing on Family Search. I indexed a birth record the other day where the dad was Italian and the mom was Lithuanian, but the girl was born in the U.S. How cool!

    2. Wow! Makes you wonder about some of these people and their undoubtedly unique stories. BTW, I am loving your new picture! You are so cute!!!


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