Tutorial: Request a Patriarchal Blessing

Last Sunday, I had the incredible opportunity to receive my patriarchal blessing. What an experience to sit with my parents and learn about God's plan for me, and my life before and after earth. I am so grateful to have this guidance for my whole life- every time, place, and situation.

Read more about patriarchal blessings HERE.

Did you know that you can request a copy of your ancestors' patriarchal blessings? It's 100% free, it's easy, and it's uplifting and inspiring. Here's how:

1.)Follow this link. It will take you to the patriarchal blessing request site on lds.org. (You may want to bookmark this page on your computer for easy reference later on.)
2.)Make your sign-in choice. You can request a patriarchal blessing with or without an LDS account. I'm teaching you how to request with an account.
3.)After signing in, click "Direct-Line Deceased Ancestor's Blessing". 
4.)At this point, you should be looking at an information forum. Fill out the required information (you can find the full names and important dates of your ancestors on FamilySearch.org.)
5.)Click submit. Your page will tell you how many blessing requests you have remaining (you can only get 4 per month, I believe) and that you will receive a conformation email shortly. Your requested blessing will be mailed to the address you provided. 

You're done!

*Before we go on, let me quote from LDS.org
             Due to the sacred nature of patriarchal blessings, we ask that you do not widely        distribute the blessing once it is received.

Reading the blessings of your ancestors helps you come closer to them, especially when you can see how the things in their blessing came to pass, or are happening in your life.


  1. That is SO cool! Both about your blessing and that you can get an ancestor's! I am going to do that!!!!

    (And one of my friends received her blessing on the same day as you. Cool!)


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