Tutorial: Post- Memorial Day Celebration

As the summer holidays begin and we honor those who have gone before us, preserving our rights and freedoms, FamilySearch has come out with a new feature. The goal: help you visit the graves of your ancestors- without a car or plane trip. Have you ever wanted to see where you ancestors are buried, but they died to far away to visit the grave sites? Now you can view your ancestor's headstones on your computer screen using FamilySearch.org. It's easy; I'll show you how.

1.) Click this link, which will take you over to FamilySearch.org. Click the blue "Sign In" button, or register for free (you don't have to be L.D.S).
2.) There you are! You will be presented with a list of the ancestors whose headstones have been photographed. Click "View Headstone" to see the picture, or the name of your ancestor for more information about their life.

This is a great family activity, and what better way to remember your ancestors this summer than to spend family time "visiting" their graves? 

Hope you have fun with this!

P.S. The beautiful Payson Utah temple was dedicated recently. Learn more about this beautiful house of God here.


  1. That's a really cool idea! Thanks for sharing.

  2. How neat!!! It is amazing what can be done with family history these days!

    I love the Payson temple, and I hope when I'm out there this summer I'll be able to go.

    Also, I have used the patriarchal blessing request tutorial several times and it's always so neat to see how those blessings have been fulfilled! I've already used all four requests, and can't wait for next month so I can get some more!!

  3. Thanks, Aunt Marilee and Annalee! 2 weeks until you visit? Love you guys (girls)!


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