Happy Pioneer Day

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    I want to introduce you to one of my favorite speakers and authors, Mary Ellen Edmunds. With her combination of faith and delightful wit, I have found her works to be some of the most enlightening things I've ever read/watched/listened to. Recently Sister Edmunds began blogging, and I wanted to give you a link over there for instant "happification," as she would say. Click HERE check it out! (Click HERE for some of her BYU devotionals, and HERE to buy her books and CDs.)

  Recently Sister Edmunds posted a tribute to the pioneers. Here is one picture she posted:


P.S. Honor you pioneer ancestors by learning about them; go here to find great research help, pictures, and stories of your ancestors on FamilySearch.org.  Don't forget to share what you learned and how you learned it with family and friends, especially with social media! #IAmAPioneer

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