Latter-Day Pioneers

With the 24th of July, Pioneer Day, coming up, I thought this video was appropriate. What makes you a pioneer? You don't have to leave your home, cross the plains, and wear a bonnet to be a pioneer; you don't even have to be the first member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in your family. Simple things can make you a pioneer. You might teach family history, temple work, or another gospel principle to your friends, family, or class. You might choose to dress modestly, even when some of your friends don't. You might turn of a phone or computer, close a book or magazine, or leave a movie when the Holy Ghost leaves. You might be kind when it is easier to be mean. You might help your parents or teachers out, just because. You might be faithfully enduring something hard. 
               You are a pioneer in more ways than one.

But what about when it's hard to be different? In a recent interview, President Henry B. Eyring said

"God got the pioneers through, he'll get us through. We're going through frontiers too and it's tough, but...there is a God and he is over all and he loves us and if you try to be faithful and count on him then you don't have to worry."

How has God blessed you through the examples of pioneers? How are you a pioneer? Share below!

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