Pioneers Who Never Crossed Plains

I hope everyone had a excellent Pioneer Day yesterday. Did you get a chance to think about some of your pioneer family members? I hope you didn't forget people like your parents, grandparents, and others who never crossed the plains. I have a wonderfully sweet neighbor who joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day-Saints all by herself as a young woman. My own grandmother joined The Church at age 11 with her family. My other grandparents have taught the gospel to their children, by both word and deed, who now teach it to their children. My mom was a pioneer when she chose to get married and have children even though college professors told her it would ruin her musical career. My dad is a pioneer every day as he faithfully holds the priesthood, as well as goes to work daily to provide for us, even though it's hard and the jobs aren't always fun for him. My brothers are pioneers daily as they strive to live the way God wants them to, being quick to forgive and full of faith. My cousin is a pioneer as she shares that which is uplifting, edifying, fun, and virtuous on her blog. We are all pioneers as we strive to do what is right and us God's grace to overcome our weaknesses. Even when seemingly no one knows of your efforts, God knows, and He is helping you. Look for Him, and you will find Him, for He denies none of His own children His love.

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  1. Your blog looks great--you are becoming a pro!!!!!!!!

  2. And I love all of the examples of modern pioneers. A wonderful reminder that the pioneers aren't just names in an old, dusty book.

    1. Thanks for reading! So sorry we didn't get to see you :(


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