Indexing Reminder and Inspiration

Just a quick reminder that we have three days to finish our #FuelTheFind efforts (of course, if you take longer than that, we still need and appreciate your help). Hope you are all enjoying your week!


Honestly, when I first started family history, I didn't think that indexing was such a big deal. I thought that "real family history" meant finding names to take to the temple, adding family members to my tree, and merging duplicates. Indexing didn't matter the way temple work did! It took me a while to realize that without indexers and the work that they do, I wouldn't have been able to go to the temple for my ancestors, find family members, merge duplicates, or any of the other things I considered "real family history." Indexed records provide the information I need to do all these things. It's all necessary, and everyone's work is important. Some of these videos helped me to change my perspective. Enjoy!

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