Love Lives On

Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for all the love and support you have shared with us at the passing of my sweet grandma. She is an amazing woman, and I am glad to be able to preserve her memory. More precious to me than ever is the recording of her voice I have and the written history based on an interview she and I did together. Please, if you have parents or grandparents living, get to know them and record their lives. Learn all you can about them, and share it with others. Currently, I am working towards getting together with my Grandma and Grandpa Howell so I can get to know them as well as I know my Grandma Badham. I hope you all can get to know, love, and truly appreciate your grandparents, too.

   One thing I can say after the passing of my grandma is this: The spirit lives on. I know that many times over the last several days, when I was most in need of comfort, Grandma was there to lift me up, to remind me that she still loves me. She was in so much pain for so many years, it must be such a blessing to her to be able to go somewhere without the aid of crutches, get up and down without running out of breath, and most of all, be with her eternal companion- forever.

At the funeral of President Boyd K. Packer, Elder Oaks said:
   "Our faith has prepared us to know the truth of the teaching that love lives on, and death is only a horizon that limits our vision of the glories that lie beyond. The life that we treasure here in mortality is only temporary; but the supremely important eternal life that we seek is infinite in duration, and incomprehensibly glorious in quality, and it is all made possible by our Savior, Jesus Christ. "

By the way, did anyone get to finish the indexing challenge? If so, good for you! If not, that's okay; we can use your efforts at any time. With all the funeral planning and attending, I didn't get around to much this week, but I was able to do a little bit. Now that most of the busyness is over, I have more time to finish what I began. Either way, God sees your efforts and knows your heart.


  1. I am so glad you are finding good things during sad times!

    Yes, I was able to index several batches--I hadn't done it for a while, and it felt great to get back in the groove!

    1. Good for you! Thanks for helping to #FuelTheFind.


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