Hooray! General Conference is upon us. I love this time of year. I want to remind all of you ladies that this Saturday, the 26, will be the General Women's Meeting for sisters 8 and older. It will be held at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City at 6:00pm (MDT), but you can view it online at LDS.org and the Mormon Channel (for more viewing times and options, click HERE).

Please prepare for General Conference. We are so blessed to hear from a prophet and apostles chosen by Heavenly Father to guide and direct us (read, watch or listen to this talk by Elder Nelson). We can prepare for conference and keep the messages with us through prayers for guidance, searching the scriptures, evaluating our lives to see where and how we can improve, inviting others, writing/recording our thoughts and promptings from the Spirit, reviewing the talks, and trying to apply the things God tells us. Remember, you may not receive your messages from the speaker; sometimes, they aren't spoken at all. The Holy Ghost can speak straight to your heart if you are open and willing to listen.

      How do you prepare? Be sure to share the message of General Conference with others.

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