Share Goodness: My Blogging Experience

I want to share a few thoughts I've had about blogging, especially for those who are considering a blog (or other form of social media) themselves.

When I began this relatively new blog, I was excited to start writing. I was on fire with the spirit of Elijah (still am), and I wanted to share the joy I felt with everyone (still do). I wanted to inspire youth (and adults) to do family history and feel all the love that comes from it. But the more that I write, the more I realize that it isn't my writing that will make a difference in people's lives. Sure, someone might find something here interesting or helpful to some degree, but any good that comes from this is really from the Holy Ghost. My job is to write by the Spirit the best I know how. After that, it doesn't really matter what I write about, or who reads it, or how many views I get. What matters is that people can feel the Comforter here, find some peace, and feel the love of our Heavenly Father for them. One thing I've found helpful as I try to write by the Spirit of God is to say a prayer before I start that I will be inspired to write what God would have me write. Then I try to listen for the prompting. I might think to look on LDS.org for a video talk, or share an experience I've had. Or it could be something totally out of the blue.

I am also learning that Heavenly Father has a very specific plan in mind for me. Some bloggers are witty, have many followers, or blog on a very regular schedule. But I have learned that I am not called to be funny or popular or even consistent. My calling is to share my testimony with the world about my faith Heavenly Father's Plan of Happiness. My calling is to listen by the spirit.

Yes, it's fun to see people visit from all over the world. And yes, it's great to see more and more people come and hear this message(we recently had our 1000th view). But in the end, all that matters is that people feel the Holy Ghost.

I hope this helps some up-and-coming bloggers, or even some of your experienced writers. Anyone, no matter who they are, can share goodness by following the Spirit.

How do you #ShareGoodness?

P.S. A great way to get started Sharing Goodness- General Conference is this Saturday and Sunday! (Hint: Use talk highlights.)


  1. Wow--where in the world (literally!) do you get your views from? Where do you see that?

    1. If you want to see how many views you get, just go to blogger settings and click stats.
      We have had people from: The U.S. (obviously), France, Canada, Switzerland, Ukraine, Spain, Latvia, Malaysia, Israel, Romania and Brazil. :)
      Love you!

    2. That is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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