Christmas Time Thoughts

Hi readers,
   Have you seen this? For each day until Christmas, Mormon.org has a series of videos about the birth of Christ. Click HERE to watch.

     Christmas is a great time to write a little about your family's year. My dad's extended family has a yearly newsletter to which each individual family contributes. These summaries of each year are a wonderful and easy way to document our family's growth and activities. Try it! At the end of the year, review any major events (even hardships) that have occurred. Think about each member of your family. Then take 10 or 20 minutes to type/write your thoughts (of course, you can write more thorough reports if you prefer) about your experiences/progression. Save this in a computer file or a binder, someplace it won't get lost. You could even save it on a private family blog. I know one of my great aunts kept a blog where the family newsletter got posted each year, along with the paper copies. Be creative- get the family involved if they want.

How do you record your family's years? Share in the comments!

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