"Glorious," by One Voice Children's Choir

Have you seen this? These kids are amazing. I know the "Glorious" has become popular from "Meet The Mormons," and I think this group does the best rendition of it out there. My mom loves it- she plays it over and over and over (and I can't say that I mind!). Also check out the choir's website- http://www.onevoicechildrenschoir.com/.


  1. I love Glorious! SUCH a beautiful song but not specific to our religion and such a great message!

    1. Agreed! My baby sister likes the one girl- older high school age, blond- that sings one of the solo parts- Sela tries to sing along with her. :)

    2. :) That is adorable! I can't believe Sela celebrates her birthday in just a few months!

    3. I know... it makes me sad. But she get cuter and cuter all the time, so I guess it's okay if she has to grow up. :)


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