Ruby Baird

Ruby Baird-RootsTech 2016 Youth Ambassador

This is Ruby Baird. She's a 14 year old who loves family history and indexing! Recently she wrote an article for the Family Search blog (read it HERE). In it she said,

"I would especially encourage other youth like me to start taking part in family history. You'd be surprised at how fun it is. There's something amazing that clicks inside of you when you lose yourself in this amazing world. I can bear witness to the fact that it's more than just dates and records. It's also about finding yourself."

Wow, what an incredible young woman! Like Ruby, I give testimony that as we learn about our ancestors and seek out their stories, we will come to see who we are in God's eyes. As we strive to listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost, we will find more than our ancestors- we will find ourselves.

Want more Ruby? Visit her blog: http://genealogyrambler.blogspot.com/.

Spiritual Inspiration HERE.


  1. What? Awesome! You should contact her and tell about your blog!

    1. I actually left a comment for her. Isn't she neat?!


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