Provo City Center/Why We Build Temples

An image of a group of young men walking up to the temple, combined with a quote by President Thomas S. Monson: “We are … a temple-attending people.”

Was able to watch the dedication of the Provo City Center temple  (one of 150 temples operating around the world) yesterday! Read and watch about it HERE. Learn why Mormons build temples HERE. For more information, click here. #ShareGoodness

P.S. If you haven't heard the history behind the Provo City Center temple, click here- it's amazing!

Flowers, brush, and other vegetation around the Provo City Center Temple, with mountains in the background.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I heard the dedication was really neat - glad you were able to be part of that special event!

  2. Oh, I would give soooo much to have been there!!!!! One neat thing I heard (you probably did too)--it was Palm Sunday and they got to participate in the HOSANNA shout!!! How special is that???

    1. It was so cool! Wish you could've been there- the dedicatory prayer was amazing.


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